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CHROME-IT Super Polish™ is an American made polish that exceeds expectations. CHROME- IT easily cleans and protects All  metals in one easy step. Try CHROME-IT on your chrome, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, fine silver, jewelry, billet and diamond plate.
We are proud to announce Our CHROME-IT Top Shelf Product line including our Speed Wax, Tir Gel and Vinyl / Rubber cleaner conditioner.

CHROME-IT Super Polish™ will remove fine scratches in stainless steel, easily removes boot marks and even blueing on pipes and headers.

Our polish works in a fraction of the time compared to other polishes on the market.
Our motto is “Seeing Is Believing” We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee to stand behind our product.
Our Top Shelf detail products are the best you can find, Guaranteed!

If shipping prices look high please call and speak with us directly. It is not our intention to make money off shipping.We do not charge a handling fee. 

Our Detail Products are the best out there. We keep it simple with a few products that will meet all your needs. If you know of a better product out there, Please let us know. we will sell it instead. Only the best for our customers and friends.
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